Artwork by

Roberto Alkalart

Amor Fati. Oil and Acrylics on canvas. 150x85cm.
Amor Fati. Oil and Acrylics on canvas. 150x85cm.
Puffin. Oil and Acrylics on canvas. 60x40 cm
Puffin. Oil and Acrylics on canvas. 60×40 cm


My approach to painting is playful allowing memories and imagination
to come through and sometimes offering a quirky view
of my surroundings and the society I live in.
I make use of colour to create form and balance that
helps me deliver a narrative.
My work often raises contradictions and it has some sense of humour.
My artwork has many Spanish influences from the use of a warm colour palette through to the artistic use of patterns. The colour inspiration for my paintings arises from the Mediterranean palette, rich, warm colours draws from sun and sea. A blend of spicy red, bright yellow, terra cotta and ocean blue. My artwork allegorically intends to mix sand and rain to create a ruby drizzle causing contradiction about existentialism, the universe, society, culture, nature,… that encourages reflection.
Multicoloured geometric patterns blend with characters and own imaginary
creating a collage that conveys an open interpretation.