Born in Madrid, Spain and living in Cork, Ireland.

A Crawford College of Art graduate with a background in Design.

The way I look at my surroundings haven’t changed for me since I was a child.
I have been always eagerly fascinated and interested towards colours, shapes, light, signs, patterns, etc…

The use of visual communication in society to represent nature and facets of existentialism, religion, power, commerce, education, etc.. have always fascinated me.

Painting and making Art give me the opportunity to explore myself and the world using my own palette and colours.

I approach painting in a playful manner allowing subtle feelings, thoughts and imagination to come through.
I make use of colour to create form and balance helping to deliver a narrative or social commentary.
My work often explore and raises contradictions and it has some sense of humour.

Past Exhibitions
April 2019 – Quay Coop Vegetarian Restaurant, Sullivans Quay, Cork. Ireland
March 2018 – Quay Coop Vegetarian Restaurant. Sullivans Quay. Cork. Ireland
December 2017-February 2018 – The Hideout Cafe.
2, verde house. Cork city. Ireland
27thSept- 1st Oct 2017 –  WestPort Arts Festival
“250 Works” McGings Bar, Hight Street. WestPort. Ireland
July  2017 –  Quay Coop Vegetarian Restaurant. Sullivans Quay. Cork. Ireland
June 2017 –  Cork School of Music. Union Quay. Cork. Ireland
May 2017 – The Roundy 1, Castle Street, Cork. Ireland
Abril 2017 – The Sextant, 1.Albert Quay. Cork. Ireland